We bought saris, I had a dress made to attend the wedding of Kabir Bedi’s niece in Bangalore.

India is an amazing country, steeped in an ancient civilization, with a primitive Hindu religion, Muslim temples, a busy street life of varied humanity.  It stuns the senses and enchants, it evokes a deep spirituality.  We loved the temple carvings of Khajuraho, the sunrise on the river Ganges, the magnificent Taj Mahal, the ghostly Fathepur Sikri, the hospitable maharajas of Rajasthan, and the spicy food. 

When I continued my solo adventure towards the South, I met wonderful people, I relaxed in tropical Goa, I photographed a 10-year-old dancer in Madras, I was invited to a fabulous Hindu wedding, I declined to attend a Muslim wedding, because I would have had to celebrate with the men, the women being sequestered in a separate hall.

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